Doctor & Hospital Visits


When your child is going to the hospital, preparing for surgery, or even just heading to the doctor's office, it is good to feel prepared.  Being prepared gives you a sense of control, which helps you in managing your stress (See Bounce Back! The Resilient Caregiver).  What happens at the doctor's office or at the hospital, NICU or PICU? 

For great information on Doctors & Hospitals, we highly recommend this resource for parents:

Kid's Health
In addition to information on Doctor and Hospital visits, you will find medically reviewed articles on a wide range of health topics for kids, including medically fragile and special needs.  This site is sponsored by the non-profit organization, Nemours.  

Now Available! The Complete Caregiver Journal Workbook has a section just for your child's medical information, including a doctor visit log.  It's portable and convenient, and also has sections on problem-solving, staying positive, journal topics, and more.

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The TCC slide show presentation on preparing to visit the hospital with your child!

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