Setting Up a 24-Hour Care Schedule


Do you have medications, procedures, a feeding schedule or other care activities that need to happen throughout the day and night, on a 24 hour basis?  If so, then this step-by-step guide can walk you through setting up a working schedule that will keep you and anyone else in your home, on top of what needs to be done when.  If you use an electronic planner, it is still a good idea to have a schedule posted where everyone that is involved in caregiving can see – especially if you have people helping you manage the schedule!
Free Download:  24-Hour Weekly Care Schedule & Medicine Chart

After you understand your needs and what has to happen when, you may need to organize some help for yourself and your family. If you are looking for a way to manage offers of help from your family, your faith community, friends and caregivers through a private, interactive online calendar, please see our step-by-step guide "Creating Your Family's Circle of Support."  


ü     To create a care schedule with everything you need to do to care for your child in a 24 Hour period

ü     IF your child’s care requires different daily schedules, to create a day-by-day 24 Hour care schedule

ü     Have the schedule posted in your home


q      A 24 Hour Schedule Template: either for one 24 hour period, OR if your 24 hour care schedule changes from day to day, a Weekly 24 Hour Care Schedule (use our free downloadable templates!)

q      A pen OR a computer & printer

q      A set of multi-colored highlighters


1)    Create your own, or download and print The Complete Caregiver’s 24 Hour Schedule template
either the single 24 Hour Daily Care Schedule (coming soon), or the Weekly 24 Hour Care Schedule

2)    Make a list of your caregiving activities: giving medicines, medical procedures, feeding schedule, etc.

3)    Write in your schedule (updates are easier to make if you write them in pencil!)

4)    Choose a highlighter color for each category on your list (i.e. medicines, procedures, etc.) and highlight each item by its color. If you have written the schedule in, you will have to rewrite it when changes occur. If you use a pencil, you can make minor adjustments and not have to revise the whole schedule. 
Note: This may seem tedious, but by doing the exercise of writing a new schedule, you will help yourself to learn the new time-table for your caregiving – it is NOT a waste!

5)    Post the schedule in your home somewhere central to your caregiving activities.  I put mine next to my wall calendar, so that everyone in my family would know where I was supposed to be when, and what needed to be done.  This is very helpful if you have other people taking on caregiving tasks as well. 


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